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Are we there yet? Can we rise?

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I fell into the proverbial rabbit hole three weeks ago, and ever since I’ve been completely disoriented. Somehow, through a very real fog of uncertainty, I’m still supposed to lead a team, run a household, and be strong for my family. I’m doing my best. That’s not saying much.

The news makes me angry, and it makes me sad. (Actually, a lot of things make me angry and sad right now). There is too much data, and not enough data, and somehow at the end of the day everything I learned about what’s happening is just not very helpful - but it would be worse not to know. I feel like a kid in the back of my dad’s car, in the middle seat, on those long road trips of my youth.

Are we there yet? Are we closer? Are we closer now?

Except I’m not looking for the end - I’m looking for the bottom. Because I want to start rising again.

This situation has been so hard to process for so many of us. I know it hit me hard. I bet it hit you hard, too. I miss my family in Costa Rica so bad. I miss being out in the world. I miss not feeling terrified all the time. But most of all, I miss the hopeful side of myself. My positive, resilient, persistent self.

I am craving to get back to work - to really, really get back to work. Not just physically, not just busy work. I want to start rising. I want to start building. But what do you build when the world is in a fog?

Are we at the bottom yet? Can we rise?

A new week begins, and with it an opportunity to learn, test, learn and try again. To hope again, cautiously. To try new things. To find the good, and double down on it. To reach out. To connect. To feel alive, aligned, together, remotely.

Maybe we can rise even as the world keeps falling. Maybe we can lift each other up. Or maybe we can’t - but it’s worth a try.

So that’s my plan for this new week. Try rising. Try lifting. Just try.

PS. I’m in listening mode. If you’re a founder, you can help us lift the fog by taking this survey.

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